(Interlude – March 2021, part 2)

Hi, friends.  I’m still on hiatus.  I probably will be for a while, until I get some things figured out in real life.  I promise I’ll have new episodes by the beginning of May at the latest, possibly sooner.  Last night I worked on outlining what would happen in the start of season 3, so that’s progress.

If you’re new here, this is not a typical post.  Don’t Let The Days Go By is an episodic continuing story set in 1996 about a university student figuring out life.  Finish reading this post first, then please read some others.  There are currently 88 episodes, listed either to the right or at the bottom depending on your device, so even if you’ve been following me for a while, most of you will have some that you haven’t read.  So you can read those over the next few weeks while you’re waiting for me to write new ones.  The episodes are best read in order, but can be read out of order, so if you’re new and ready to commit to be a fan of this site, you’re best off starting from the beginning, so you can experience the story as it unfolds.  But, still, read this post first.

So I’ve been thinking about a few DLTDGB side projects, and I’d like your opinions on whether or not you’d be interested in these:

(1) A recap.  I could do one post where I outline the entire plot of DLTDGB from the beginning of the prologue on July 5, 1993 until the most recent episode on June 15, 1996.  I would summarize the highlights of Greg’s life so far, in a post no longer than one typical episode.  I could also include links to a few episodes about the key turning points in Greg’s life, for those people who want to go more in depth without reading 88 full episodes.

(2) Avatars/Bitmoji/some kind of artwork depicting the characters visually.  I can’t draw well, just to let you know.  I made a bunch of fake email accounts and started using them to sign up for multiple Bitmoji accounts, with the purpose being to create Bitmoji for the main characters and show my readers what these characters look like.  I did that for Eddie and Kristina and put the Bitmoji faces on top of the real faces in the photo I used for the most recent episode.  I was having a hard time getting the Bitmoji to look exactly like the real people, but I know that I don’t have to make them look exactly like the people they were based on.  In fact, it might be better to have them not exactly the same, for anonymity purposes.  Most of the people that these characters are based on do not know that I am writing about them.

However, another glitch is that Gmail does not like that I made a bunch of fake email accounts, for obvious reasons. It makes me verify by text that I am a real person, and now it won’t even let me do that because I’ve used the same phone number too many times.  I could start making fake emails with Yahoo or other free email services, I suppose.  But there are so many characters that I could not possibly do this for every character, at least not with Bitmoji.  I was planning on doing this for Taylor, Pete, Sarah, Liz, Ramon, Caroline, Eddie, Xander, Haley, Kristina, Brian, and Shawn, at least for now, adding others as needed if I needed to cover their faces in photos.  I would not do every character, since the cast of characters for DLTDGB is just far too large.  But those twelve are definitely among the most significant supporting characters at the current point of the story.

What do you guys think… is this something you would want to see?  Also, if anyone knows a way to make characters similar to Bitmoji without having to have an account for each one, that would be helpful.

(3) Maps.  Fantasy books with detailed geographical settings, Tolkien for example, often have maps to help the reader.  Since I tend to describe Jeromeville and the surrounding Capital Valley Region in detail, I thought maybe I could do the same thing.  The problem is, every time I’ve tried to draw these maps, they end up looking just like a slightly distorted version of the real-world places that inspired these stories, and while DLTDGB is based on true stories, I also want to make it my own fictional world, and I have not yet figured out how to make the maps not look like real places but still be true to the story so far.  Any thoughts?  Do any of you want to see maps of my semi-fictional world?

Finally, in addition to sharing any thoughts on anything above, please ask me anything you want in the comments.  Questions about things happening in the story, questions about me as an adult, about the writing process… whatever you want.  I’ll answer it, unless it would involve major spoilers.

Have a great week, everyone!  Like I said, if you’re new here and you want to start from the beginning, go here, then click Next at the end of each episode.  https://dontletthedaysgoby.home.blog/2018/12/09/july-5-1993-prologue-my-first-visit-to-jeromeville/


9 thoughts on “(Interlude – March 2021, part 2)

    1. Greg does in fact survive, at least long enough to tell these stories. :) As to your other question, that involves things I’d rather discuss in a private email. Give me a few minutes.


  1. YES!! Absolutely. It’s great that you’ve got the outline done!!
    I, personally, am definitely in for all three of those ideas. The map would definitely help readers old AND new out to visualize every setting. It’ll be awesome!
    Bitmojis will also lend to the realness of the story… Though I haven’t any solution to the Gmail issue. XD
    And a recap would really help everyone too!! It’s a fantastic idea.
    Well, that’s all. Have fun on your hiatus!
    stay sticky,

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    1. Thanks for your suggestions! I was thinking earlier today, I shouldn’t worry so much about making the Bitmojis look exactly like the people they are based on, since these are supposed to be fictional characters after all. I can just go for a general resemblance. And I can write down exactly which row and column of each facial feature I choose, so that if I run out of fake emails and need to change one account to someone else, I have a record of how to change it back in case I need the other person later on.

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  2. I think the map idea sounds incredible! It would definitely aid in better visualisation along with the bitmojis! I don’t use bitmojis but I think you could just customise the character according to whoever you want, and then use the same account and customise it to resemble another person?😂
    As for questions, how did you decide you wanted to pursue Maths? I hope that’s not too personal.

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    1. I will definitely work on the maps… I just need to figure out a way to make it look a little bit less like the real place it’s based on. I keep trying, but I just can’t seem to make it work.

      What you’re saying about Bitmoji describes exactly my thoughts. The problem with that, though, is that, let’s say I make a fake email account and use it as a Bitmoji for Eddie, then I use the same account to make one for Xander, but then if I want to go back to Eddie again it’ll be a time consuming process. That’s why I wanted multiple fake emails, but I probably won’t be able to do infinitely many.

      Mathematics just makes sense to me. It was always one of my favorite classes in school. I also enjoyed physics and chemistry. I liked playing around on computers, but I didn’t want to be a computer science major, because I didn’t want to turn something fun into work. Also, at the time I started school in 1994, my computer knowledge was almost a decade out of date, and I knew I’d be competing with the wealthy children of software engineers in those classes. So that eliminated that option. I didn’t go into engineering because I grew up sheltered in Plumdale, the kind of town where there aren’t a lot of high paying jobs to begin with, so I didn’t really know what an engineer was. At the end of my first year, math was the subject that still came easiest to me, so I decided to make that my major. I didn’t have a career plan back then, I just figured I’d stay in school forever. I will write more about my career plans when I get to 1997.

      I wrote a little bit about my choice of major here https://dontletthedaysgoby.home.blog/2019/03/30/november-19-1994-the-help-window/ and a lot here https://dontletthedaysgoby.home.blog/2019/12/23/april-28-may-2-1995-the-first-physics-midterm/.

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