(December 9, 2021. Three years of DLTDGB!)

Wait, something is different here, I’m posting on a Thursday… that’s because today is my so-called blogiversary. The first episode of DLTDGB posted three years ago today. So if you’re new to the story, go read how it all started! If you really want to be filled in on the entire story, keep clicking “Next” until you’ve read all 112-ish episodes :-P

Also, I wrote two Christmas-related guest posts for two other blogs recently, about two different childhood Christmases. One of them has not posted yet; as soon as both are up, I’ll post links to those.

Don't Let The Days Go By

We drove south on Highway 117 on a hot summer day, through cow pastures, olive and almond orchards, and fields of tomatoes and corn and numerous other agricultural products.  I was in the passenger seat in the front, Dad drove, and Mom and my 11-year-old brother Mark were in the back seat.  We went to visit my dad’s relatives in Bidwell for the holiday weekend; we had left my great-grandma’s house an hour and a half ago, and we were about a third of the way to our home in Plumdale.  But Highway 117 was not the most direct way home; we were going somewhere else first.

When we got to Woodville, the highway widened to two lanes in each direction.  After another seven miles of fields, we saw buildings again, a semi-rural neighborhood just off the frontage road to the left, and then a bunch of large apartment complexes…

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