(February 2023. Interlude: “Thrill Ride” [repost from the Greg Out Of Character blog] and submit questions for a Q&A.)

Hi, friends. I’m still on a planned break from writing. I’ve been working on a non-DLTDGB story (set in modern times in the same fictional universe) off and on for the last few weeks, and I think I’m ready to share it. I’ll be back in a few weeks, hopefully. Until then, read “Thrill Ride” and leave a comment. And ask me a question on here, and I’ll answer it next time before I start working on DLTDGB again.

Greg Out Of Character

I’ve been working on this new short story during my planned break from DLTDGB. Let me know what you think.

As soon as I woke up Friday morning, my thoughts drifted to my plans for that night, but not in the way I wanted.  All of the excited anticipation I should have had for the show that night was being drowned out by other thoughts running through my head.

Why drive all the way to Bay City just to see a half-hour set from an opening act?You don’t like any of the other bands.You’re too old to like Stone Shadows.  You have friends whose kids are older than the band members.There’s no guarantee you’re going to get to meet the band.  Yes, you’ve been to concerts before where the opening acts hang out with fans afterward, but it doesn’t happen all the time.

I got out…

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