(reblogging from Greg Out Of Character) Thoughts on writing, and assumptions about adult Greg.

Hi… you’re not used to hearing from me on a Tuesday, I know… but I just posted this on the other blog, some thoughts about DLTDGB, and an assumption post for people to make assumptions about adult Greg. Go check it out. I’ll post the year 3 recap on Sunday.

Greg Out Of Character

I’m currently taking a break from writing. (If this post is your first introduction to me, my current project is Don’t Let The Days Go By, an episodic continuing story set in 1997 about a university student. Go check it out and follow it.) I always take a break every June and December in the fictional timeline, and real life is kind of overwhelming right now.

Sometimes I wonder, is anyone out there really following my writing? Does anyone really care what happens to character-Greg? Does anyone have favorite episodes of DLTDGB? Is there anyone out there who wishes they could live in Jeromeville, the way people wish they could go to Hogwarts or Narnia? Does anyone have favorite minor characters, like I do with TV shows or movies sometimes? Is anyone making predictions about what will happen to Greg and his friends in the future? Does anyone care…

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2 thoughts on “(reblogging from Greg Out Of Character) Thoughts on writing, and assumptions about adult Greg.

  1. I’ve been so busy writing, I’m super behind in my reading of other blogs. I’m excited to read more about Greg. I want so badly for him to find love, to find his place in the world, and to hear more about his adventures. My favorite stories have involved his relationships with others and the antics around finding his way with friends. Hope to hear more about all that in the future episodes!

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