Dramatis Personae

Every year, I make new friends, and I grow apart from others.  This list had already gotten long by the time my story got to the beginning of sophomore year, and I made a lot of new friends that year.  Also, as time went on, I sometimes learned things about people, and the nature of my relationship to them changed.  If someone were to read my story from the beginning, reading the dramatis personae from the perspective of more recent episodes might contain spoilers.

So, whenever I get to the best possible stopping point between school years, I’m going to archive each year’s dramatis personae.  People who aren’t part of my story anymore don’t have to be on the list if someone is looking for a character from a recent episode.  If you are reading this from the beginning, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN because of possible spoilers; instead, click on the link below for the dramatis personae for the date that you are currently reading.  And if you are reading a recent episode, just scroll down.

Prologue & Year 1 (7/1993 – 8/1995)

Year 2 (9/1995 – 6/1996)

Year 3 (6/1996 –  )

Numbers in parentheses refer to the difference in school year compared to Greg.  For example, when Greg is a junior , Amy (+1) is one grade older, a senior, and Brent (-1) is one grade younger, a sophomore.

Some characters who are not a major part of the story are not listed, and last names are not always given if they are not mentioned in the story.  This list will be updated as necessary.


Main Character

  • Greg Dennison: That’s me.  I’m a student at the University of Jeromeville, in the western USA.  I grew up in Plumdale, about 150 miles away.

Family and family friends

  • Mark Dennison (-6): My younger brother.
  • Harold and Peggy Dennison: My parents.
  • Jane and Darrell Lusk: My aunt and uncle.  Jane is my mom’s younger sister.
  • Miranda Lusk (-5): My cousin, Rick’s sister, Aunt Jane’s daughter.
  • Rick Lusk (-2): My cousin, Miranda’s brother, Aunt Jane’s son.
  • Mark’s friends and teammates (-5 or -6): Cody Kaneko, Eric Kingston, John McCall, Matt “Boz” Bosworth, Nate Fisk, Ryan Lathrop (and others)

University of Jeromeville students:
* indicates students who attend Jeromeville Christian Fellowship.  ^ indicates students who were in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program with me freshman year (and also in my dorm). + indicates students who attend the Newman Catholic Student Community.  ~ indicates people who attend Jeromeville Covenant Church or one of its groups.

  • *Abigail (Abby) Bartlett: Josh McGraw’s girlfriend. 
  • Alaina: Attends University Life, another Christian group on campus.
  • *~Amelia Dye (+1): Scott Madison’s girlfriend.  Melinda Schmidt is her roommate, and they have a cat named Alvin.
  • Andrea Briggs: A student who has math classes with me sometimes.
  • Ben: Attends University Life, another Christian group on campus.  Occasionally attends Jeromeville Christian Fellowship.
  • *Brent Wang (-1): A student from JCF.  He plays keyboard for the worship team.
  • *Brian Burr (+2): A recent graduate from UJ who did high jump on the track & field team, and is now working on staff for Jeromeville Christian Fellowship part time while he applies to medical school.  One of my roommates for this year.
  • +Carly Coronado (-1): Danielle’s sister.
  • ^*~Caroline Pearson: Currently Liz’s roommate, upstairs from Jason and Ramon.  Caroline was born in Australia.
  • Carolyn Parry: A soprano in University Chorus.
  • *Carrie Valentine (-2): A freshman who attends JCF.
  • ^~Charlie Watson: He was at the other end of the hall in the dorm from me.  We stayed friends through JCF and J-Cov.
  • ^+Danielle Coronado: Lived down the hall from me freshman year, now shares an apartment with Bok, Skeeter, and Theresa.  Danielle sings in the UJ choir and at Mass at the Newman Center.
  • *~Eddie Baker: A student who attends JCF.
  • *~Haley Channing: A student from JCF and my crush for a while.   They live down the street from Eddie and his roommates.  Haley’s older brother Christian just graduated from UJ.
  • +Heather Escamilla (+1): Sings in the choir at Newman.  She was my neighbor last year, and we used to carpool to church.  She has a live-in boyfriend named Gary.
  • Jack Chalmers: A student who has math classes with me sometimes.
  • ^*~Jason Costello: Lived next door to me freshman year, now Ramon’s roommate on Hampton Drive.  Liz and Caroline live upstairs.  Also in University Chorus.
  • ~Josh McGraw (+3): Abby Bartlett’s boyfriend and one of my roommates.  He works odd hours, and I don’t see him often..
  • Lindsay Vandenberg (-1): Jack Chalmers’ friend from high school whom I see often enough around campus to say hi to.  For seven months, I thought her name was “Lizzie,” because Jack introduced us, and he talks really fast.
  • ^*~Liz Williams: Lived near me in the dorm freshman year, across the hall from Jason.  Ramon’s girlfriend.  Now lives with Caroline in an apartment just upstairs from Jason and Ramon’s apartment.
  • *Kelly Graham: A student from JCF, currently studying abroad in Hungary.
  • ^*~Krista Curtis: Lived downstairs from me in the freshman dorm.
  • *Kristina Kasparian: A student from JCF.
  • ~Martin Rhodes (+2): Attends Jeromeville Covenant Church.
  • +Matt Jones (+1): Sings at the Newman Center.  His family and mine know each other back home, and he and Ryan Gambrell went to high school together.
  • *~Mike Knepper: A student from JCF and J-Cov who I met freshman year, before I began attending those myself, because he lived in a nearby dorm and knew many of my friends.
  • ~Noah Snyder: Attends Jeromeville Covenant Church.  Taylor’s best friend from high school.
  • ^*~Pete Green: Lived downstairs in my dorm freshman year, and leads worship for the college group at J-Cov.  Pete likes board games.
  • ^*~Ramon Quintero: Liz’s boyfriend.  Lives in an apartment with Jason, downstairs from Caroline and Liz.
  • *Raphael Stevens: Eddie’s roommate.  They were dorm roommates two years ago, and Raphael painted a mural in their dorm that is still there today.
  • +Ryan Gambrell (+1): Sings at the Newman Center.  He went to high school with Matt Jones (Catholic school), and his sister Annie went to my high school.
  • ^*~Sarah Winters: Lived downstairs in my dorm freshman year; we have stayed friends through JCF and J-Cov.  I guessed where she was from by the highways in her hometown.
  • *~Scott Madison (+1): Plays drums at JCF.  Also a tutor at the Learning Skills Center, as am I.
  • +*Sean Richards: One of the few students besides me who is somewhat involved with both JCF and the Newman Center.
  • *Shawn Yang (+2): My roommate; we share the master bedroom in our apartment.  He was my Bible study leader last year.  He runs marathons and triathlons.
  • *~Tabitha Sasaki: Attends JCF.  She lived in the dorm next to mine freshman year; I met her that year through my friends who knew her, before I started attending JCF.
  • ^~Taylor Santiago: Lived in the same dorm as me freshman year.  Enjoys deep philosophical discussions.  Noah’s best friend from high school.
  • *Xander: A student who attends JCF.
  • Yesenia Fonseca (-1): The first student who ever had me as a tutor through the Learning Skills Center.  She was in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program the year after I was.
  • +Others from Newman: Claire Seaver (+1), Melanie Giordano (+1), Phil Gallo (-1), Sabrina Murphy (+1)
  • *Others from JCF: Ajeet Tripathi (-1), Alex McCann (+2), Autumn Davies (-1), “Barefoot” James (-1), Jeanette, Joe Fox (+1), John, Kieran (-1), Lars Ashford (+1), Leah (-1), Melinda Schmidt (+1), Mike Kozlovsky (+2), Todd Chevallier (-1)
  • Others from elsewhere: ^Heather “Bok” Beck, ^Jennifer “Skeeter,” Megan McCauley (+1), ^Rebekah Tyler, ^Spencer Grant, ^Theresa Arnold, Tiffany Rollins

Jeromeville adults, graduate students whom I only knew as instructors or teaching assistants, and others:

  • Anton: A math professor for whom English is not his first language.
  • +Father Bill: The priest who says Mass at the Newman Center.
  • *Cheryl (+5): A part-time paid staff person at Jeromeville Christian Fellowship
  • ~Dan Keenan: The college pastor at Jeromeville Covenant Church.
  • *~Dave (+10) & Janet (+8) McAllen: Full-time paid staff who lead Jeromeville Christian Fellowship.  Janet once sat down with me and explained exactly what it means to follow Jesus, and how he died on the cross for our sins.
  • +Ellen Stark: A student from San Diego whose parents live in Jeromeville and attend Mass at the Newman Center.  Ellen came home for the summer of 1996.
  • Dr. Gabrielle (Gabby) Thomas: A mathematics professor who I had for Combinatorics.  As of the end of year 2, my favorite professor at UJ.
  • Joseph White: A graduate student in computer science, who I knew as a TA.
  • Sharon: A graduate student in music, the TA for University Chorus.
  • +Sister Mary Rose: A nun who works with the Newman Center.
  • Dr. Thomas Jeffs: A professor of music, the conductor for University Chorus.
  • Thomas Kroger: A graduate student in computer science, who taught a lower-division computer science class I took.

Friends from Plumdale:

  • Annie Gambrell (-2): A student who was in a presentation that I filmed for a video production class.  She has an older brother at UJ.  I had a very unrequited crush on her for a while…
  • Anthony Tejeda: Renee’s boyfriend.  He moved to Ohio for school.
  • Catherine Yaras: A friend from my graduating class who spent senior year of high school in Austria as an exchange student.
  • Jessica Halloran: A friend from my graduating class who decided to take time off after graduation and work in an orphanage in Guatemala.  She is the oldest of six siblings; I also know the next younger one, Jamie (-3).
  • Melissa Holmes: My crush from the later part of high school.  We had a lot of classes together.  She goes to school in San Angelo and lives with relatives there.
  • Rachel Copeland (-1): A student who has a lot of friends in my year in high school.  We stayed in touch fairly consistently after I left for Jeromeville, and I brought her to a roller hockey game.
  • Renee Robertson: My prom date, shortly before she started dating Anthony.  We had several classes together.  She goes to Valle Luna State, where I visited her once for the day.
  • Others: Allison LaPierre, Carol Allen (teacher), Jackie Bordeaux, Jason Lambert, Jennifer Henson, Ken Haley, Kevin Lee, Kim Jensen, Lisa Swan, Paul Dickinson, Rachelle Benedetti, Sandra Soto (-1)

Friends from the Internet:

  • Laura Little (-3): from upstate New York, but currently an exchange student in Switzerland.
  • Molly Boyle: from Pennsylvania.