(February 2023. Interlude:”Why Must I Take The Time”)

My planned hiatus has lasted longer than I thought it would. So I put an old poem on the other blog, and I’m sharing it here so you can have something to read. Let me know what you think… I remember this one getting an interesting reaction when I first wrote it.

Also, I think when I do get back to writing, I’m not going to stress about posting every week.  I have a lot going on in real life, and I want DLTDGB to stay fun and not become more stress.

Greg Out Of Character

My planned hiatus from DLTDGB is extending into a third month. I started episode 157 about a week ago, but I only got a few paragraphs in. I’ve been busy. I don’t want to leave my tens and ones of readers empty-handed, though, so I dug up this poem from 2008.

Since I’m a very unconventional poet, my favorite part about writing poetry was always allusions to other works (not necessarily fancy literature) and cryptic references. And this poem has both. (I didn’t hide a secret message in the usual place, though.)

I remember sharing it on Facebook, maybe Myspace and Livejournal too because 2008, and I remember a few people commenting on one line in particular, wondering what it meant. I won’t say anything more. Here you go.

“Why Must I Take The Time”
Gregory J. Dennison, November-December 2008

Why must I take the time to mourn the loss

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5 thoughts on “(February 2023. Interlude:”Why Must I Take The Time”)

    1. Thanks! What did you think?

      And in case you didn’t see my last post, I did write one non-DLTDGB short story during the hiatus. I’m doing okay, just really busy with life getting in the way. March should be less stressful, though. How are you?

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      1. Lol, admittedly, I’m not a poetry expert. But I thought it was touching, and a bit sad and wistful.

        Ah, gotcha! Thanks for letting me know!
        Yeah, I understand how life can get like that; feel free to take as long a hiatus as you need.
        I’ve been busy but well, thank you for asking! I hope March goes well for you :)

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      2. Sad and wistful… that’s pretty much what I was going for. Like I said, there were also a lot of references to specific things going on in my head in 2008.

        I think when I come back from my hiatus, I’m specifically not going to stress about posting every week. I’ll post when I can and not stress about it when I can’t. I feel like DLTDGB was getting to a point where it was more stress than fun, and it shouldn’t be like that.

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